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ITB Advanced Connectors

AMC MCH Connector

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Advanced MC Plug Connector The AMC plug is always needed for an MCH module and its always used in the MCH 1 slot. The insulator is fitted with holes, the adjacent MCH plugs are mounted like “building blocks” via pegs MCH Plug. Click here to visit the website of ITB Advanced Connectors.


Benefits of the AMC Plug

  • AdvancedMC Plug is AMC.0 R2.0 Compliant.
  • Reduced insertion and extraction forces sophisticated design of the staggered chamfers.
  • Takes only 7% of the AMC module real estate.
  • Support of 200 mating cycles for the AMC module and without much doubt even more.
  • Enables the use of PCBs outside of the 1.6mm±10% thickness range.
  • High speed design -12.5 Gbps per differential pair are supported.
  • Solder termination with proven reliability, can be soldered in one process step along with the other components.
  • ROHS compliant, compatible with lead-free reflow soldering.
  • Low weight.


Connector MCH plug is needed when using an additional connectivity MCH 2 and more.
A standoff secures the right distance for the slot width between two tongues / backplane connectors. Pegs are used to fix the conjunction to the adjacent plug connector.


Benefits of the MCH Plug system

  • Reduced insertion and extraction forces.
  • Lower tolerances on thickness.
  • Plating contact superior above plating PCB.
  • Modular system.
  • Stable mechanical connection between the different plug modules due to massive pegs and a metal alignment pin.
  • Easy to install without special tooling.
  • High speed design – 12.5 Gbps per differential pair are supported for four mating tongues. Solder termination with proven reliability.
  • Can be soldered in one process step along with the other components.