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Genexis is the independent leader in FTTH home gateways, for everyone. With focus on the development, manufacturing and marketing of active equipment dedicated to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.


FiberTwist is a unique FTTH connectivity solution that redefines size, ease-of-installation and flexibility for the distribution of fiber bandwidth through the home.


FiberTwist has a super compact design of only 11 x 11 cm. It’s patented Twist interface enables easy installation of active equipment as well it’s fiber patch module. Furthermore, the Fiber Management of the FiberTwist FTU cleverly integrates all technical features one would expect of a professional FTU.
FiberTwist introduces a installation mechanism never seen before in FTTH products. With one clever twist any end-user is able to install an active module on the FTU.