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Our Approach

Following a structured 6 step development process

Starting with “our understanding of your problem” we work closely together with your organisation. From first focus and idea through to development and start up of production.


Opportunity Definition & Focus

• Analysis of the customers project, incl. background, objectives, deliverables timing, etc.<br /> • Agreement on our role in the project; where does Verhoeven Ontwerpburo has real added value<br /> • Understanding of the customers problem and how we can help<br /> • Definition on what on what is in scope and what is out of scope


Concept creation

Definition of the problem<br /> Find inspiration and Generate ideas/solutions<br /> Selection of ideas and checking if the idea solves the development challenge<br /> Fast prototyping and global testing<br /> Conclusions and Go / no go


Proof of principle

Definition of key product requirements (initial product specification)<br /> Turning the concept into a 3D (technical) design<br /> Feasibility checks on important functionalities<br /> Finalisation of the technical concept<br /> Preparation of high end mock ups and prototypes (Functional Mock ups)<br /> Detailed functional testing on lab scale and with end users<br /> Taking the key learnings and agree on how/what to improve


Detailed design

Updated product specification<br /> Bring the design to its final level (based on FuMo results)<br /> Apply the principles of design for manufacturing and assembly<br /> Perform simulations on critical product functionalities (eg. FEA’s, etc.)<br /> Perform Design FMEA and definition of mitigation actions


Pilot manufacture & design verification

Updated product specification and validation program<br /> Updated 3D CAD model including mitigations from Design FMEA<br /> Perform FEA’s, tolerance studies, mold flows, etc.<br /> Preparation of 2D/3D files for quotations<br /> Guide/support pilot tool making and validation of parts and assemblies<br /> Review parts, assemblies until full validation<br /> Perform Design FMEA and definition of mitigation actions


Industrialization support

Updated product specification and validation program<br /> Support the tender process to select suppliers<br /> Updated 2D/3D files, based on outcome of pilot manufacturing (and design FMEA)<br /> Guide/support production tool making and adjustments (FOT, SOT, etc.)<br /> Review parts, assemblies until full validation<br /> Release of 2D/3D files

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